In constant negotiation of equilibrium, Water renders perceptible the hidden reality that is all around us through the repeating forms of its waves and ripples, in its innumerable reflections and cycles. It gives us life, and shows us chaos.

The Water Project seeks to develop a deeper understanding of the element through the study of its movements as expressed in sound and light and to facilitate the creation of immersive environmental installations and performances, working in collaboration with artists from across disciplines and borders.

The Water Project

Nick Roth

Keith Lindsay

Olesya Zdorovetska


 In Collaboration

Michael Coady (poet)

Lena Sideri (visual artist)

Alex Bonney (improviser)

Helen O’Connell (sculptor)

Matthew Berrill (musician)

David Spitzkowsky (writer)

Serhiy Savchenko (painter)

Daniel Jacobson (composer)

Mamoru Fujieda (composer)

Kate Wilson (painter / dancer)

Stephen Mahoney (visual artist)

Siobhán Mcdonald (visual artist)

Oleksiy Khoroshko (video artist)

Iarla Ó Lionáird (sean nós singer)

Greg Genestine-Charlton (painter)

Shem Caulfield (painter / sculptor)