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“The patterns exhibited by water, as all natural phenomena, are subject to laws of chaotic order that create their shape and give them a recognisable identity. The Water Project aspires to create a performance environment in which the character and voices of water are made evident to an audience. Reading John Cage’s ‘Water Walk’ (1960) or Terje Isungset’s current work with ice as beautiful yet anthropocentric gestures, we seek not to explore human music made using water, but to find innate music in the behaviour of drops, rivers, bubbles or ice crystals.”

Application to LMCC 24th July 2011

“Recently though, I have been studying water…and I think that it is the best teacher of all. Life is not what we see around us, but the invisible forces that act upon it. What we can see or touch is merely the residue, or the canvas, of these forces, and yet they have a definite pattern and shape. Through its innate passivity and equilibrium, water can show us more than any other medium how these forces are made manifest – in waves, in reflections, in cycles…”

Letter to Phil Schurger 26th July 2011

notes by Nick Roth


recording by Fergus Cullen